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To say this LS resident is jazzed up is an understatement by John Beaudoin Click to read


  1. Thank you Joe for attending our show last night at Westport Coffeehouse. I have enjoyed listening to your radio program for many years. Thanks for supporting jazz artists, you are a national treasure!

    Brent Bowman, River Cow Orchestra

  2. Can you please some of Craig Baileys music. He is one the jazz veterans that has played with Ray Charles and Rufus Reid. His latest project is Music a la Fleek. Thank you!

  3. Joe
    See my comment on your interview with Dr.Nathan Davis.I find it one of the great failures of my life I never got to see him perform or just came from Mass to K.C. on a pilgrimage of thanks.I have everything he ever recorded in Europe,on his Segue label,and am missing only a few items that are very hard to find from U of Pitt.I think it's great you inteviewed him and even though I just mainly haunt youtube I am going to check out of blog and some shows.
    Peace and thanks if you haven't heard it from someone else today

    (He Digzz Jazz)